This course introduces students to the history and practice of art criticism and provides them with relevant tools and experiences to craft their own body of art criticism.

  Calling Good Design a Spade   Will Bryant’s exhibition, Outta Shape at Companion Gallery is an exuberant spectacle of wacky shapes in fun blues, pinks and yellows. Bryant’s coevals will recognize the vocabulary of zany squiggles and pastels at play as being “so eighties” though they may be less familiar with the Memphis Design … Continue reading

Subconscious Landscapes: Rocky Schenck’s The Recurring Dream

Nightmares cover the walls of Texas State’s Wittliff Collections as Rocky Schenck’s latest collection of photographs The Recurring Dream reflect the artist’s haunting inspiration. This collection is very large, made up of over one hundred images. Schenck says his photographs are “found realities” or natural scenes that he captures within his lens. He later brings … Continue reading

Moving More Than Mountains

By Kendall Mealey              Imagine the home you grew up in, and the home that your family built, being torn down, and taken away from you in a matter of months. That is the exact feeling that the envelopes the hearts of the residents of Peru. The exhibition Moving Mountains: … Continue reading

Discovering the In-Between

You Don’t Know My Horizon, Kim Faler Art Pace One important thing that art does for the audience is getting the individual to think. This is accomplished through Kim Faler’s work You Don’t Know My Horizon. The work is a series housed in Art Pace, a residential gallery in San Antonio. The building serves as … Continue reading

Surrealism in the Real

  The Whittliff Collections: Recurring Dream, Rocky Schenck SURREALISM IN THE REAL             Walking into Rocky Schenck’s exhibition at the Whittliff Collections induces the feeling of venturing into a vault. Although the gates to the gallery are completely open, there is still a feeling that there are precious things held within, waiting for discovery and adoration. … Continue reading

Owo Ni Koko: Don’t Get Too Attached

Exhibition: “We Are All Bewitched” Artist: Olaniyi Rasheed Akindiya, a.k.a. Akirash Location: Big Medium Gallery at Canopy Event: East Austin Studio Tour Unlike the other installations at Big Medium, “We Are All Bewitched” confronts the festival-goers with its part-art, part-consumer detritus concoction aimed at “addressing the economic systems that impact daily life.” At the center … Continue reading