Our Big Big Medium Visit

             With our visit to the Big Medium gallery in Austin last week, featuring the art of Johnathan Faber, my opinions on contemporary art have shifted. The gallery was a simple square space which allowed Faber’s pieces to pop out and lead you around the room. The simplicity also allowed the art to speak for itself on one hand, and let the viewer run with their imagination in the other. The opportunity to have the artist actually speak and explain, slightly, how he developed his pieces added extra appreciation to the entire experience. The size of the space was also an ideal for the artwork, he explained the intentional spacing of drawings that went on to influence the larger paintings. The flow and positioning concepts were also fascinating; placing the largest canvases in the back of the room really drew you in and, along with their bright colors, were intimidating. The curator was also there to explain what the gallery was all about, including the non-profit aspects and how they choose their featured artists. The only regret was not being able to see the entire space; we only had a tour in the one gallery, but the impression that was left was a great one. Big Medium also hosts Biennial Texas, and, according to their website, are always looking for volunteers at both Big Medium location and at the Biennial event. This would definitely be a space I would recommend seeing for yourself and to take a look at Johnathan Faber’s art.




  1. I agree with you in that Johnathan Faber’s work was appropriate for the size and feeling of the space Big Medium has to offer, I feel as though the information offered by the artist Johnathan Faber as well as the Curator was sub-par to what I had expected. The Curator did do well when explaining aspects pertaining to the non-profit aspects and how they choose their featured artists, I however feel even more information about how and what it takes to put together an exhibit. Johnathan Faber though did add good supporting and background information for his work and inspiration for spacing he, however, seemed unsure as to how to present and explain his works in a verbal manner. So though the visit was a great experience and the Gallery itself is an amazing space, I had higher hopes for what information we were going to receive especially having he Curator and Artist there to provide information.


  2. I also liked the thought that went into spacing Jonathan Faber’s work, and the explanations he had for his art and for his process. Going into Big Medium, I had no idea what to expect, I don’t think I’ve ever set foot in a nonprofit gallery and I found it so refreshing. I too was hoping to see the other galleries and everything else Big Medium had to offer. Contrary to the comment before mine, I actually really enjoyed the way the curator and Jonathan presented their information to us. It felt like they were just people talking to us about art, it felt natural and unscripted but sufficient to understand the way the gallery functions and the ideas that Jonathan wanted to share. Going from the UT gallery to Big Medium was really eye opening in that sense, I was no longer in a university setting and I didn’t feel like i was being lectured. It felt more comfortable. I especially appreciated the curator saying that he “fell into the job accidentally”, as if it were some mistake. The entire experience felt more human to me than a typical gallery setting, and I really enjoyed it.

    -Kaytlin Esparza


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