musings on Art Criticism // Chad Dawkins discussion response

Being an Art History Art major, Criticism and Writing is a required class for my degree. However, once I saw the class on my degree plan I was instantly excited and intrigued. I never imaged I would learn how to write critically about art, and never considered the possibility that I could be an art critic, but now that we’ve gotten the ball rolling I have visions of being an art writer. Because of my personal and spiritual convictions I struggle with criticizing anything and anyone, so I’ve decided that if I am to have a career in art criticism and writing I would omit any negativity or disapproval from my words. Limiting the scope through which I can critique art and artists would force me to search for and discuss and bring attention to other aspects of an artist and their work.

It was actually the class during which Chad Dawkins lectured and led class discussion that really lit the art criticism spark within me, because he made it seem like a really accessible career path (for me). Chad was direct and transparent about his experiences as an artist and then an art writer, and described the realities of the craft, like that we shouldn’t expect to be paid, and the myriad channels through which an aspiring art writer could travel through. He gave us a trove of resources and invaluable, practical, tangible, and situationally-applicable art writing guidelines and insights.

~ Léa Caissie


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