Raw and transparent

Those two words I would describe Sam Sanford. He was our guest speaker last tuesday night for the first half of our class. He grew up in San Antonio and received a degree in Religion. I wouldn’t expect him to have a degree in religion. From then on I knew this will be interesting to learn more about him. He then had a slide show of a very straightforward “about me” facts. He was very blunt as a guest speaker. He openly shared that he didn’t feel like a real artist more like a poser. The best thing he has done for his art is to improve his mental and spiritual health. Later on he went in depth with this. Throughout his time as an artist he realized that the deadlines and exhibitions were taking away from that purpose. Making a living from his art is no longer his goal. He wants control of his art. Honestly, I don’t blame him. It’s his choice, he can rely on it without depending on it and trying to make a living out of it. It’s to find the ambition and standing more firm in your truth. The series of “Dark days”, exhibit in Farewell Books in Austin. These were actually based on his family pictures. He changed his technique in working smaller with glazing it gave him better results. This series shows the darkness in his childhood inside their family. Soon after this exhibition he was severely injured from an accident and he had to stop making art after that. The unfortunate event made him realize things happen for a reason. However, he hopes to return to abstraction but for now he is doing carpentry and framing as job. He advise us all that momentum is important everyday. You have to build up to that. You have to reach to a momentum cliff and after that you will get the inertia to continue.

-Marlene Gallegos


One comment

  1. I found his lecture to be very interesting as well and also loved how blunt he was on both the art world and his own art. I found it to be refreshing, especially when he dove into a little bit of his personal history and how it affected the work he made and continues to make, that alone fascinates me about artists, it allows you to connect with their work on a deeper level as well as achieving an understanding of it.


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