Voice and Tone

Last Tuesday, the class discussion revolved around voice and tone in different criticisms and artist statements. I think that voice and tone is harder to find when a writer is trying to stay without judgement of a piece. If a writer  is in favor of a work of art, then the tone is easier to see as happy and joyful, and maybe more dreamlike or creative. When an artist does not like a particular painting or series of works, then the writer can come across cold or indifferent in their writing style. This is easier to pick out because you can also read the artist’s judgment statements. However, when you get to a writing description that tries to remain impartial or distant from the artwork, you can see different views because the author is trying to give an adequate and balanced amount of both positive and negative accusations on the artwork. This means that one has to figure out what the person is saying through the contextual clues through their writing and through things such as the diction, word choice, grammatical person, punctuation, anecdotes and metaphors.


-Kendall Mealey


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