Rude awakening…

Last week we went up to the forth floor to see a part of the building I never take time to go see. We got the chance to help Sterling’s class refine their artist statements. Honestly, as a ceramics major I found it hard to really help my fellow artists. I found it difficult critiquing ideas that they have spent so long on. I have been in multiple classes with these people so it’s difficult for me to interject my view points on other artists so bluntly. I did, however, get to see what is in store for me next semester in Thesis 1. I have a hard time talking about my own work in general and I find that I’m not alone. It’s hard asking a artist “so what’s this about?” I can see the struggle on their faces. I have had a few moments when I have to question myself and ask myself these same questions with my own artistic process. I now realize how quickly Thesis 1 is coming… I must prepare, I must get as much experience with artist statements as possible. I’m anxious about writing my own artist statement, but I am confident the continued collaboration with Sterling’s class, like the artist interviews, will clear up some confusion for me.


One comment

  1. I definitely think this project will be helpful to you! It takes time to develop an artistic practice and even more time to develop a way of articulating the motivations and inspiration behind that practice. To then distill it down into a short artist statement is difficult. It’s especially difficult because art can be so personal and by putting it into words, one risks being or feeling misunderstood. I would also suggest that you keep talking with people about your art outside of class. I think the more you talk about it, the better and more complete your explanation (and understanding) will become.


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