Artpace Visit

Last Tuesday we made the hour drive to San Antonio to check out the artwork being created at Artpace. The whitewashed building with large garage-style doors, natural light, and steep stairs was soon to be transformed into a gallery show for three very different artists from around the country. The first artist we met was working with porcelain rock casts, metal plated grapevines, plants, painted objects, and graphite drawings. Her work seemed to be bringing the organic world into the art world in almost any way she wanted to do. I particularly enjoyed the hanging sculpture she was making with the grapevines because it took me a second to realize these shiny abstract lines going in all directions and forming a mass, were actually just something I usually throw away.

The next artist had a really different artwork in progress with a really interesting concept, but it made me slightly uneasy. I’ve always been good at biology, but blood is not my favorite subject. Seeing giant blood cells on the wall didn’t thrill me, despite how abstract they look at that size. When she started explaining her concept though I really did find it to be interesting and wanted to know more. The idea of our blood all being different like we are and how shes bringing it together into one blended image was really cool. The fact that it was going to end up having air currents like blood moving was something I was really impressed with and I feel like will make her work so much better.

The third artist compressed scrap copper into large, thousand-pound blocks. I liked that her work played on copper being a reusable resource and how the price changes with the market, but I feel like we kind of rushed through hers and it ended up being less memorable for me.



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