Buster Graybill: Sala Diaz

Buster Graybill was a very relax and downt to earth guy. This was the first time I can say I shared a beer with the artist in their exhibition. Graybill was very fond of reproduction. That is what he has grown up learning from his grandfather. Instead, of buying the material that is needed his grandfather believe that you can always make the material from scratch. Graybill explained that we have to find the balance between formal and conceptual. We should always reproduce material, whatever we find or have. Anything that exist has another life. Each material that we use has had a history and that history is important. Even if no one else acknowledges that, we as artist should and it plays a role for us in the art world. Whatever we throw away or someone else’s trash we should bring that object or material back to life and bring something new to them a whole new purpose for them.

Graybill explained that he used to be obsessed with material and became dependent in equipment. There were plenty of times, especially after graduating, resources was not as accessible as it was before. He couldn’t create art because he lacked of the equipment. That is where he learned and realized he need to start making art of what you have and not create excuses and wait for the opportunity to come. One can master materials but there is need to find a threshold. We need to make the thinking part of the work. To be passionate but not obsessive. That is what makes an artist. We are soldiers, we are the workers.


-Marlene Gallegos


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