Art in Texas

I think our class got much more out of our visit to San Antonio than we did in Austin. Artpace is a great space with a fantastic program. It was awesome to have a chance to talk with artist as they where still working on their pieces for the show. I think it gave the Art History majors in our class a good look into the variation of processes and work styles of different artist. It was also nice to see how the residency programs function and all the resources allocated to the artist. It also seems like a great opportunity for Texas artist as you can apply rather than being chose by the curator and one of the residents is always a Texas based artist (because we are the best). I also enjoyed to see how they were working with the local community, as we had a group of high school students with us as well. It was my second time visiting Artpace and enjoyed it as much if not more than my first visit. I also really enjoy Sala Diaz because of its grassroots feel. It was refreshing to go to an artist run space rather than the multi million dollar galleries we are used to thinking about when we view art. I found it a much more interesting space than big medium in Austin. I feel like it broke the model of the gallery, it was much more relaxed and approachable. I also really enjoyed hearing Buster Graybill talk as I come from a similar background of working in the country and took away a lot from his ideas about creating art and not being limited by your available materials. 1476998964015.jpeg

Dylan Draper



  1. It was also a privilege to have the Artpace residents visit Texas State and meet with studio thesis students two weeks ago. They briefly spoke in Joey Fauerso’s Thesis I and II class before breaking off and meeting one on one with people who had signed up for a time slot. We were given the opportunity to select and present work to them that was then discussed for about 15 minutes. The artists also gave advice about graduate school and applying for residencies. Joey’s husband works for Artpace, so she is able to provide us with insight into the selection process as well as the funding involved for artists who do get selected. Both studio majors and art history majors are fortunate to be living and studying in Texas where the art scene is growing exponentially, as well as have connections like Professor Duganne at Texas State to provide us with the opportunity to get private visits to these spaces. Just like in Austin, I think it was unique and beneficial to be given a chance to visit two very different gallery spaces in order to get an idea of the local opportunities.

    Lauren Lerwick


  2. I really love the idea of artist run spaces – bringing art into neighborhoods and really enforcing this idea that art is, and should be, for everyone. I think supporting local artists and your local arts scene is very important and I see a lot of artists in San Antonio and Austin very active in doing this. These behind the scenes visits and talks with artists have been the highlight of my semester.


  3. I agree with you, Dylan, in that the class received much more promise and enjoyment from this San Antonio visit than the Austin visit. From the photos and posts I’ve read, it shows that many of us felt the roots and foundations of these galleries to be much more appealing. Which makes sense, because if you are able to feel welcome(d) and at ‘home’ in a space, it provides more energy and freedom for your mind and body to absorb the works. I feel that the aspect of creating a welcoming and unique atmosphere/gallery has been lost nowadays. Going to a museum or gallery now can at times create an isolating feeling in visitors because of the intimidating structure design and lack of hospitality. But, it is comforting to know that places like Sala Diaz and Artpace do exist and still have a loyal following of art appreciators and students. I am very appreciative and glad that our class was able to experience this together.

    Rachael Pantuso


  4. I definitely agree that we got more out of our San Antonio visit than the Austin visit. Meeting the artists and seeing the exhibit before its completion were both very new for me. I have never been in an exhibition space before it is ready to show so I loved seeing the work in progress and can’t wait to see the completed exhibitions this weekend. I would love to keep Artpace close to me and visit regularly. Being the guest curator for the international artist in residency program is now on my bucket list!



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