General Disinclination

Last Tuesday, the class had a discussion over Raphael Rubinstein and J.J. Charlesworth about the Crisis of Art Criticism today in the world. The most interesting point that I think was discussed, was the idea of general disinclination by the population to want or need to criticize art. People in general have grown more and more afraid of not fitting in or not being accepted by societies standards, and so their will to refrain from making judgment becomes more apparent.

Also to the point of what difference does it make to write about something or evaluate something that has already been written about and evaluated? The argument made here, was that if an artwork has already been critiqued, and it is critiqued in the same way by another audience member, one of those opinions becomes redundant and does not matter anymore. I personally disagree with the take on this, because you can make a better idea of what something is about or how something is responded to by having more than one agreeing or disagreeing statement. It’s the reason why scientists poll large mass sums to generate a better thesis and hypothesis. I do not feel like criticism has become redundant in that way, but I do see how people are afraid to become redundant and not want their voice to be washed away among a crowd.

-Kendall Mealey


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